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The First to Disappear by Patty Somlo


The First to Disappear
Patty Somlo
ISBN 978-1-944682-04-0
$15.00 244 pages
pub date: August 1 2016
dist. by Ingram and SD direct


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The eighteen stories in The First to Disappear offer a new literature that reflects back
to us the rapidly changing circumstances of 21st Century life. Moving, yet often
funny, Patty Somlo performs magic, slipping seamlessly into the heart of hot-button issues—
immigration, terrorism and climate change—while borders between nations and
the animal and human realms disappear before our very eyes.


Patty Somlo offers stories that take us deeper into our humanity, that wonderful place of vulnerability and possibility. Stories presenting glimmers of a more hopeful humanity, the individuals and societies we can be when we open to ourselves and others. Somlo invites fresh perspectives on our human realities—and who we can be when we peacefully
confront our quandaries.Kimberlyn David, editor of Nonviolence magazine and former editor at Paraguas Books


There is magic and heartbreak in Patty Somlo’s stories. To read them is to cross one kind of border or another, be it the line drawn between people, in the mind, or on the sands.
Andrew Lam, author of Birds of Paradise Lost


Patty Somlo’s short fiction, written in a clean and understated style, navigates the shadows of the lives of the dispossessed. What makes Somlo’s fiction so literary worthy is her ability to surprise the reader, revealing truths that we perhaps hope to deny. Rosa Martha Villarreal,
recipient of the 2008 PEN Josephine Miles Literary Award for The Stillness of Love and Exile