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Patty Somlo’s Books



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1. The First to Disappear (Now Available from Spuyten Duyvil)


2. From Here to There and Other Stories (Paraguas Books, 2010)


3. Hairway to Heaven Stories (Forthcoming in January 2017 from Cherry Castle Publishing)


4. Even When Trapped Behind Clouds — Available now from WiDo Publishing




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1. Autumn Magic (Durham Editing and E-Books, 2014)


2. Summer Shorts II: Best Kept Secret (Durham Editing and E-Books, 2014)


3. All Saints’ Evening (DM Publications, November 21, 2014)


4. 2014 Redwood Writers Anthology: Water (Redwood Writers, September 28, 2014)


5. Emerge Literary Journal, Volume 2 (ELJ Publications, December 6, 2013)


6. Redwood Writers 2013 Anthology: Beyond Boundaries (Redwood Writers, August 13, 2013)


7. California Prose Directory: New Writing from the Golden State (Outpost 19, May 15, 2013)


8. Puzzles of Faith and Patterns of Doubt (Editions Bibliotekos, February 2013)


9. The Best of the Sand Hill Review (Sand Hill Review Press, May 17, 2012)


10. Being Human: Call of the Wild (Editions Bibliotekos, February 2012)


11. Solace in So Many Words (Weighed Words LLC, May 12, 2011)


12. Battle Runes: Writings on War (Editions Bibliotekos, January 2011)


13. Common Boundary: Stories of Immigration (Editions Bibliotekos, June 2010)


14. Bombshells: War Stories and Poems by Women on the Homefront (Omni Arts LLC, February 14, 2007)


15. Voices from the Couch (AmErica House, January 25, 2002)